wedding dresses 2016It’s November and a car rolls up. A middle aged person eases out of the car and slowly pivot on his feet, taking it all in. Everything seems so much smaller. I wonder if that’s the cabin I lived in? The visitor takes deep breath of the pine air. The memories come rushing back. It’s another Friendly Pines Camp alum.

After nearly eight decades of sharing the wonders of summer camp, Friendly Pines Camp has become one of the most formative experiences in the lives of tens of thousands. Friendly Pines Camp is not only where they learned to start a fire, swing an axe, waterski, or ride a horse, it is also the place where they overcame shyness, gained confidence, discovered the profound beauty of nature, and developed friendships that have lasted a lifetime.


Mountain TopFor four generations of campers, Friendly Pines has been more than just a spot in the Bradshaw Mountains. It is an experience that still courses through them. It stokes the embers of youth and casts a warm light on images of childhood wonder.
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Welcome back.