Meet our 2019 Summer Staff!

So far, we are lucky enough to have several counselors from 2018 returning next summer! We haven’t quite started hiring new staff, but be sure to check back regularly to see who else will be joining us in 2019!  We are excited to see everyone excel as counselors and make 2019 the most memorable summer yet!


Jon Bailey

Activity & Year at Camp: Campcraft and CILT/CIT Coordinator; Year 4

Hometown: Yuma, AZ

School/Major: Ottawa University, Elementary Education Major

Favorite Camp Memory: Getting to know the campers every year! It is great how much they grow and become a leader in such a short period of time!!

Dream Job: Comedian

Actual Career Plan: Teacher

Favorite Food: Pizza for sure, Mexican food, and anything with cheese!

My Spirit Animal: Bear

My Secret to Life: Be the best that you can be and help others do the same

Nate Basinger

Activity & Year at Camp: Challenge; Year 3

Hometown: Tempe, AZ

Favorite Camp Memory: Paddling the Great Chief’s canoe barge

Dream Job: Camp Counselor

Actual Career Plan: Commercial Real Estate Broker

Favorite Song: “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver

Coolest Place I’ve Explored: Havasupai Falls

My Secret to Life: Cholula. On Everything.

Margo Cramer

Activity & Year at Camp: Challenge; Year 2

Hometown: Tucson, AZ




William Crombie

celebrity dresses

Activity & Year at Camp: Fencing; Year 4

Hometown: Inverness, Scotland





Johnny Cunningham

Activity & Year at Camp: Videography; Year 3

Hometown: Chingford, England

School/Major: Tower Hamlets College, Video Game Design Major

Favorite Camp Memory: I always remember the stick dedication ceremonies at the end of sessions, especially the ones at the end of the summer because you can tell how much the words mean to people as the summer is coming to a close. I also always remember the rendezvous’ at the end of a session, more particularly when we sing the ‘To Friendly Pines’ song. More specifically though I have to go back to the beginning of the 2017 summer with my very first cabin. On the first night we had to make cabin introductions and our cabin was Smoki. However it was not our introduction that was so memorable but in fact how we were called on stage. The unforgettable Captain Dogbones was MC-ing the event and he came up with this 5 minute epic, great enough to rival any classical legend, about his feud with a chino valley franchise of denny’s and a fatal wound that left him with smoke in his eye. Also cornbread is weird.

Dream Job: I’d like to start and run Arizona’s first Major League Soccer franchise and lead them to the MLS Cup. However, if that fell through I would love to make movies or just do anything creative and fun, possibly comedy related.

Actual Career Plan: Construction, or just anything that affords me enough time to spend with the people I care about and buy them McDonalds every now and then.

Random Fun Fact About Me: I’m bilingual; I can speak both English and American.

Place I’d Like to Live: Flagstaff, Arizona. It’s just a really nice town.

My Spirit Animal: Niccolo Giuseppe Salvatore Giambanco

Ted Current

Activity & Year at Camp: Horse Staff; Year 4 as a counselor, but was a camper for 5 years

Hometown: Tucson, AZ





Erin Dunleavy

Activity & Year at Camp: Dance, Drama, & Singing; Year 2

Hometown: Derry, Ireland

School/Major: Queen’s University, Belfast, Psychology Major

Favorite Camp Memory: The first Stick Dedication in Adventure Week, where we combined it with Rendezvous – seeing the entire camp together and hearing all the campers talk about their favourite part of camp really showed me as a first time counselor how amazing of an environment FPC is.

Dream Job: Professional Puppy Cuddler

Actual Career Plan: Primary School Teacher

Favorite Song: “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

Place I’d Like to Live: New York City, 100%

My Spirit Animal: A fawn, according to the internet.

Nico Giambanco


Activity & Year at Camp: Hiking; Year 4 as a counselor, but was a camper for 4 years

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

School/Major: Arizona State University (Barrett Honors College), History and English Literature Majors

Favorite Camp Memory: My 4-weeks as King of Napauwa during 2018! We killed a rattlesnake, mourned a skunk, built a wall, and more. I hope to return to my birthright soon.

Dream Job: I would love to be the President of the United States.

Actual Career Plan: I plan on living in the woods and being an author.

Coolest Place I’ve Explored: Pompeii, Italy

Favorite Food:I love Popeye’s Chicken

Someday I’ll Be Famous Because…: Taking over the world with an army of deer.

Sorcha Grogan

Year at Camp: Year 2

Hometown: Drogheda, Ireland





Chris Guida

Year at Camp: Year 3

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

School/Major: Arizona State University, Marketing Major

Favorite Camp Memory: Hard to answer because there are so many. Could be the first time we got a camper up on water-skis for their first time, felt amazing!

Dream Job: Chief Marketing Officer of Amazon, Inc.

Actual Career Plan: Marketing Director for TwitchTV or social media company

Favorite Song: “Out Of My League” by Fitz and The Tantrums

Random Fun Fact About Me: I’ve been skydiving!

My Secret to Life: Never think too hard about what others think of you, it will eat you alive!

Hannah Hutchison

Year at Camp: Year 3 as a counselor,  but was a camper for 8 years

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

School/Major: Phoenix College, EMT and Sign Language Majors

Favorite Camp Memory: I have so many FPC memories as a camper and counselor its hard to choose! I’d have to say one night during cabin cookout I was making food for my girls, we had meat and vegetables; so as the vegetarian I am I decided to cook it separately. The girls then were watching me and the other counselors cook comparing our food and I guess my food was looking a bit more appetizing since I didn’t mix it together like the others. Which then made the girls proceeded to gather around calling me “Chef Hannah” and ask to eat my cabins food instead of their counselors. I found this funny because my dad is a chef, so maybe I gained these skills from him?? I would have to say me being “Chef Hannah” can’t compare to Chef David’s cooking though.

Dream Job: Being a ponderosa pine at Friendly Pines Camp.

Actual Career Plan: I have been working hard to become a firefighter, City of Phoenix will probably be where I go but Prescott is where I would like to be so I can still work at camp!

Favorite Food: I love noodles so much! Specifically mac and cheese is my weakness. I add a few spices to my recipe just to add a little heat.

Place I’d Most Like to Live: I love living in Phoenix, AZ because it’s in the middle of everything, but I definitely want to travel around the world and visit international friends I’ve met at camp.

My Spirit Animal: I would say a hummingbird because I am small but strong, and always enjoy a sugary drink.

Erin Kraft

Activity & Year at Camp: Canoeing & Kayaking; Year 2

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

School/Major: Oklahoma State University, Industrial Engineering and Management Majors

Favorite Camp Memory: The Josh Turner skit put on by some counselors last year

Dream Job: Anything where I could travel the world

Actual Career Plan: Being a project manager

Favorite Song: “Lemon Boy” by Cavetown  

Favorite Food: Thai Food

Favorite Quote: “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.”

Asher Mason

Activity & Year at Camp: Horse Staff; Year 1

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand





Nicky Mather

Activity & Year at Camp: Horse Staff; Year 2

Hometown: Rathangan, Ireland





Maddy McClumpha

Activity & Year at Camp: Waterskiing; Year 2

Hometown: Narre Warren South, Australia

Favorite Camp Memory: Stick dedications

Dream Job: To become a pro surfer

Actual Career Plan: To become a physiotherapist

Favorite Food: Chinese

My Spirit Animal: Sloth

My Secret to Life: Keep smiling

Matt McCollum

Activity & Year at Camp: Challenge; Year 3

Hometown:  Tucson, AZ

School/Major: Brigham Young University, English and Spanish Majors

Favorite Camp Memory: Spartan kicking a camper off the pamper pole to help them overcome their fear of heights. 🙂

Dream Job: Writing for National Geographic or other travel/outdoor related magazines.

Actual Career Plan: Becoming a teacher.

Favorite Food: You can’t beat a good Philly Cheese Steak or a French Dip & Swiss sandwich.

My Hidden Talent: I can make really good pancakes (potentially better than Kevin, but shhhh)

My Secret to Life: Don’t do anything you’ll regret later, and don’t pass up any opportunity you will regret having not taken.

Robbie McPherson

Activity & Year at Camp: Fencing; Year 2

Hometown: Ayr, Scotland





Adam Schexnayder

Activity & Year at Camp: Riflery; Year 2

Hometown:  Phoenix, AZ





Kate Smith

Activity & Year at Camp: Horse Staff; Year 2

Hometown: Muldrow, OK

School/Major: Oklahoma State University, Biomedical Engineering and Molecular Genetics Majors

Favorite Camp Memory: Stick dedications were always one of my favorites, it was a feel good moment that everyone was truly invested in, it made staff and kids alike to feel recognized for all their hard work

Dream Job: Pediatric Oncologist at a Children’s hospital

Actual Career Plan: Becoming a doctor or physical therapist

Coolest Place I’ve Explored: Exploring waterfalls in Jamaica

Place I’d Most Like to Live: I want to live somewhere in Europe. Preferably Spain, France, or Great Britain

Favorite Quote: “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyways.” –John Wayne

Arizona Steel

Activity & Year at Camp: Archery; Year 2

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Favorite Camp Memory: My favorite memory from my first summer as counselor was the medieval overnight for archery and fencing. We decorated the archery range with glow in the dark targets and arrows. Best night of the summer!

Dream Job: Something that involves travelling and kids!

Actual Career Plan: Teaching

Favorite Food: “Don’t Forget Your Roots” by Six60

Random Fun Fact About Me: I’m a dual citizen of New Zealand and the USA

Favorite Food: Ice cream!

Eilidh Steel

Activity & Year at Camp: Horse Staff; Year 3

Hometown: Ancrum, Scotland





Lauren Story

Activity & Year at Camp: Horse Staff; Year 1

Hometown: Invercargill, New Zealand

What I’m Most Excited About for this Summer: Having a really fun summer getting to know the other staff and awesome people involved while teaching the kids and working with horses.

Dream Job: International Eventing trainer

Actual Career Plan: Equine Touch Practitioner

Someday I’ll Be Famous Because…: For laughing at everything and being obsessed with animals

My Secret to Life: Don’t aim to be as good as somebody else. Be the best version of yourself!

Favorite Quote: “A person who falls and gets back up is much stronger than a person who never fell.”


In addition to our normal counseling staff, we also have a fabulous Program & Post Office Staff. The Program Staff oversees the running of day-to-day activities, manages the counselors, and creates exciting and fun special days! The Post Office staff readies the daily mail, runs the camp store, and talks to parents. 


Scotty Bryant

Activity & Year at Camp: Equestrian Director, Year 4

Hometown: Cheshire, England




Megan May

Position & Year at Camp: Assistant Director; Year 7 as a staff member, but was a camper for 10 years

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ





Jonathan Pierson

Position & Year at Camp: Rental Director and Post Office Assistant; Year 7

Hometown: Peeples Valley, AZ





Tyler Turner

Position & Year at Camp: Program Director; Year 5

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ





Christina Tymchak

Position & Year at Camp: Post Office Assistant; Year 7