Our Sessions

All of our sessions are virtually the same; food and lodging is included, campers live in a cabin of similarly aged children, and they participate in a variety of different activities as well as the evening activities like the Round Dance, Carnival, and Rendezvous. However, you can visit our website to see what the differences are between our offered sessions:

Two-Week Sessions:

A 13-night program where boys and girls get to create their own daily schedule by choosing from our 30+ activity offerings. This is our most popular program, as the children get a real taste of the camp magic, and is a great option even for first-time campers!

One-Week Session:

A 6-night program similar to our two-week session, just in half the time. One-week campers do have some specific one-week activities (horses, target sports, ropes course), but do get mixed in with the two-week campers for most other activities (hiking, water sports, arts & crafts, etc.). The names of the sessions (Pioneer vs. Explorer vs. Trailseeker) are simply used to determine the specific session in question; there is no real difference between any of the different weeks. Popular with our first-time campers.

Adventure Camp:

A 6-night traditional Friendly Pines Camp program where boys and girls, ages 6-14, will have their favorite activities daily and still have the chance to try new activities each day as well; this is the only major difference from a one-week session, and allows the campers to have 5 activity periods in a day instead of 4. Popular with returning and first-time campers alike.

Adventure Trails:

A 6-night program for boys and girls, ages 8-16, that focuses on horseback riding, horsemanship, and horse care. All skills taught are to prepare campers for a two-day, overnight horseback trip. Campers that love horses and want to ride all day, every day usually go for this session.


If you have more specific questions regarding sessions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 


(928) 445-2128 or info@friendlypines.com