Friendly Pines Camp

Job Openings

Counselor Positions

As of 04/13/20 at 3PM

We are still accepting new applications for Summer 2020, but on an ALTERNATE STAFF basis. We will be interviewing candidates in the hopes of running our summer program at full capacity & therefore with the need of a full counselor staff. It is in your best interest if you have any desire to work at Friendly Pines this summer to fill out an application and complete a recorded one-way interview, as we refer to applications/interviews on file for any job vacancies.   

Click here for the application, and click here to complete your one-way recorded interview

Please email with questions about employment opportunities for Summer 2020. 

Summer Nurse Positions

We are fully staffed for Nurses for Summer 2020. However, things change all the time and we refer to applications we have on file. Apply today, just in case! 

Year-Round Support Staff Positions

We have rolling applications open throughout the year for help with our Rental & Retreat business. Please contact us to see where we’re hiring.