Friendly Pines Camp

2022 Pre-Arrival COVID Screening Info

Though life is trending more and more towards “normal” these days, we are still dedicated to making sure the safety of our campers and staff remains at the forefront of our operations.

As a reminder to all our enrolled camp families, ALL campers will need to satisfy our Pre-Arrival COVID Screening requirement

To satisfy this requirement, campers must do one of the following:

Use the tabs below to learn more about our various pre-screening options.


All unvaccinated campers will need to get an antigen test for COVID from a lab, doctor’s office, or testing site no more than 3 days before arrival, and provide proof of a negative result before arriving at camp

  • All test results MUST be uploaded via the upload form BEFORE arrival at camp 
  • All test results should be official documents from the lab, doctor’s office, or testing center with clearly identifiable contact information
    • Please refrain from submitting screenshots of text message results
  • All tests must be conducted at a lab, testing site, or doctor’s office; i.e., at-home tests are not permitted (only the specific test through the approved vendor, Heed Health will be permitted for at-home testing)
    • In short, you must be SEEN by a licensed medical professional/proctor for testing; camp families cannot use at-home tests that you can buy at the drug store and administer yourself.
    • The rapid at-home option by Heed Health is proctored, and a convenient option for folks who don’t want to drive all over town and/or pay a fortune for other rapid tests. 
  • Campers that do not have their results uploaded before arrival will not be permitted to remain at camp until results are received
  • PCR Tests are permissible, but not preferred
    • You must still have the results verified by a lab, doctor’s office, or testing center; no at-home, un-proctored PCR tests allowed

Campers can upload a copy of their Antigen test results to our online upload form. You can use the following link to access that upload form:


Dear Friendly Pines Camp Community,


Heed Health is excited to offer testing to your camp as a preferred vendor!


As the preferred testing vendor for Friendly Pines Camp, we are the most reliable and stress-free option for your child’s pre-camp COVID test. Benefits of testing through us:


  • Concierge-level support at preferred partner rates
  • Coordination of all test supplies and instructions directly to your home
  • We help you test in accordance with camp’s testing policy
  • We share results directly with camp so you don’t have to

Prior to attending camp, we ask that you fill out our Patient Registration Form online, with your camper(s) full legal name to ensure that your registration information is up to date. Please do not use nicknames or alternate names.


You can find our online form at Friendly Pines Camp Registration Form.


After completion of the registration form, please review the What to Expect for order deadlines and testing instructions. Rapid Antigen tests will be proctored for facilitation and result validation. The What to Expect will be sent to the email address used to register and can be viewed here.


Results will be sent from Simple Report to your email address within 24 hours of taking the test.


We are here to support your community; please email ClientSupport@heedhealthcare.com with any questions you may have.


We look forward to serving the Friendly Pines Camp community!


–Heed Health

Adv. Camp
Adv. Trails
Saturday, May 28
Saturday, May 14
Thurs., 5/26 & Fri., 5/27
9AM - 11AM
5PM - 7PM
Session 1
Pioneer A
Sunday, June 12
Sunday, May 29
Fri., 6/10 & Sat., 6/11
9AM - 11AM
5PM - 7PM
Pioneer B
Sunday, June 19
Sunday, June 5
Fri., 6/17 & Sat., 6/18
9AM - 11AM
5PM - 7PM
Session 2
Explorer A
Sunday, June 26
Sunday, June 12
Fri. 6/24 & Sat., 6/25
9AM - 11AM
5PM - 7PM
Explorer B
Sunday, July 3
Sunday, June 19
Fri. 7/1 & Sat., 7/2
9AM - 11AM
5PM - 7PM
Session 3
Trailseeker A
Sunday, July 10
Sunday, June 26
Fri. 7/8 & Sat., 7/9
9AM - 11AM
5PM - 7PM
Trailseeker B
Sunday, July 17
Sunday, July 3
Fri. 7/15 & Sat., 7/16
9AM - 11AM
5PM - 7PM

Campers that have received the COVID vaccine may use their vaccination card as documentation for the pre-arrival COVID screening requirement. 

Per CDC guidelines, we will consider campers fully vaccinated if they:

  • Are two weeks past receiving their second dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine
  • Are two weeks past receiving their single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

If camper’s will not be fully vaccinated before arrival at camp, then they must get an antigen test done.

(e.g., if they’re arriving on June 12, but getting their second COVID vaccine on June 10th, they must also get an antigen test. If they arrive on June 12th, but receive their second dose on May 4th, then they can use their vaccine card to satisfy the the pre-arrival screening requirement). 

Campers that are fully vaccinated may upload a copy of their COVID vaccination card to our online upload form. You can use the following link to access that upload form: 


You may upload your vaccine card at any time between now and your camper’s session start date; however, you must upload your card before your camper’s arrival! 


If your camper has official documentation of a positive COVID diagnosis within 90 days of their DEPARTURE DATE, you may upload that to satisfy the pre-arrival COVID screening requirement. 


Documentation must be from a verified, official medical laboratory or doctor’s office, and include contact information for the lab/office on the documentation.


Campers must be fully recovered from the virus in order to attend camp. The previous infection window must outlast your camper’s stay at camp. 


For example:

  • If your camper got a positive COVID diagnosis on say, April 7th, their session ends June 26th, AND you have legitimate documentation, then you can use that to satisfy the pre-arrival screening requirement; (their COVID diagnosis and departure date falls in the 90-day window)
  • If your camper got a positive COVID diagnosis on April 7th, but their session ends July 23rd, you will need to upload their COVID vaccine card or get an antigen test. 
  • If your camper had a documented positive case of COVID on January 3rd, then they are well outside the 90-day window and must upload their COVID vaccine card or get an antigen test. 
  • If you suspect your camper has had COVID recently, but they were never tested and/or did not receive official documentation of a positive diagnosis, then you must upload their COVID vaccine card or get an antigen test. 

Families can upload the official positive diagnosis documentation for their camper(s) at the following online upload form link: