Friendly Pines Camp

Staff Testimonials

“Coming in as a first time counselor with no summer camp experience at all, I was extremley anxious. But this truly was one of the most tiring yet rewarding experiences ever. From the bonds I made, to all the new songs I learned, to the positive impacts I made on all the campers I had. You will never grow more as a person from any other job. Although your number one priority is the kids, make sure you put you and your mental health next!“
Alexis Britt
2023 Waterfront Counselor | Scottsdale, AZ
“The summer of 2023 was my first experience ever at Friendly Pines Camp, and I couldn't have been happier with the decision! Friendly Pines truly does turn childhood moments into life's richest memories because the campers love everything that Friendly Pines embodies. The best part about working at Friendly Pines is that you gain many friendships, memories, inside jokes, laughs, etc. with the other staff there. While there are too many memories to share, I'd have to say that my absolute favorite was practicing for the Firework Dance, which happens on the 4th of July. Even more so performing for all the campers was an unforgettable experience.”
Tara Winslow
2023 Athletics Counselor | Los Angeles, CA
“Working at FPC was equal parts rewarding and fun, no two days were the same yet every single day was better than the last. The other staff made me feel welcome from day 1 of work week and by the time staff development wrapped up, I felt like I was a part of a family, truly. My favorite memory was definitely the staff overnight during staff development. Being under the stars on nothing but a tarp, forced us to become like penguins and huddle for warmth that not only brought us together, but was pretty symbolic of what we'd need to do during the summer; stick together. One tip I have for new counselors; throw yourself in 110%, do every optional thing you can and allow yourself to become a kid again, you won't regret it!”
David Drubka
2023 Athletics Counselor | Anthem, AZ
“All of the staff become a family and it’s such an amazing experience to be able to bond with the people you work with everyday. At the beginning of last summer, about 10 of us took a day trip to Sedona. We spent the whole day together, laughing and telling stories while we enjoyed the sunshine and cool water at Slide Rock. Out of all of the days off I’ve had on my two years in staff, that one was by far my favorite. Coming back to camp slightly sunburned, full of good food, and with our arms holding all the little souvenirs we bought, was such a fulfilling experience that started the summer off right.”
Nicole Whitten
2022, 2023 Arts Counselor | Flagstaff, AZ
“Friendly Pines gave me friends, gave me memories and it gave me a second home. I am so grateful for meeting amazing kids, with the biggest smiles and hearts, creating bonds and getting to know them was the best part.”
Cach Perez-Cirera Estrada
2023 Arts Counselor | Mexico City, Mexico
“FPC is a great way to spend your summer if you love the outdoors and working with kids. My favorite part about camp is the overnights where you get to camp out with your group of cabins. The memories you create on these overnights is unmatched. Camp is a great time and you will leave with lifelong friends.”
Carter Schmidbuaer
2023 Target Sports Counselor | Phoenix, AZ