Friendly Pines Camp

Staff FAQ

How big is the camp?

Roughly 120 acres. Most of it is undeveloped pine forest. Most of the buildings sit on 35 acres. The rest is used for camping and hiking. The camp is bordered on two sides by the Prescott National Forest. We are only 6 miles from Prescott, Arizona, but the camp has the feeling of being secluded and remote.

What are the cabins like?

Rustic. All of the cabins have electricity, hot water, and a full bathroom (toilet, sink, shower). Most have wooden floors and bunk beds, but size and layout varies.

Can I use my cell phone at camp?

Cell phone reception, although much improved over recent years, is still limited due to our mountain location. Cell phones, along with any other electronics, are not allowed inside of cabins with children or in the main camp area AT ANY TIME, and can only be used while off duty. Friendly Pines Camp reserves the right to take steps to ensure that this policy is upheld.

Can I access the internet while at camp?

Wireless connection is available in the staff lounge, and many counselors bring their personal laptops with them.

Where can I do laundry?

Most counselors will do it in town at one of the laundromats on their day off; however, you have the option to utilize the same laundry service that we use for the campers. It is sent into town and carries a per pound rate. As a courtesy, we cover a portion of laundry costs for our first-year international staff.

What if I don’t have a car?

Many of our counselors do not have a vehicle at camp; many of them do. We keep that in mind when determining the day off schedule. Chances are you will choose to spend your day off with other counselors who are off duty. Chances are that many of them will have vehicles. If needed, we will be happy to give you a ride and drop you off in town (the city of Prescott is a short 6 mile drive). Just give us a call when you are ready to get picked up.

How do days off work?

Within a 2-week session, staff members will receive two evenings off (6 hours off) and one 24-hour day off. For the evenings off, you are free to leave starting at 5PM, and you must check-in by 11PM. There can be absolutely NO alcohol or drug consumption on evenings off–this is a fireable offense. At the end of the session, counselors will receive a full 24-hours off. Your day off is yours to enjoy, you’ll have earned it! You are free to leave camp, visit the Grand Canyon, go tubing on the Salt River, watch movies, or whatever. You are required to promptly check in the next day in order to prep for the next round of campers.

What if I’ve never been to a camp nor worked at one?

Some of our best counselors have had zero camp experience before Friendly Pines. Responsibility, character, and judgment can be far more valuable than previous experience in camp life.

What are the minimum qualifications?

Staff members must be at least 18 years of age, have some college education, and remain a non-user of tobacco and alcohol during the dates of employment.

Isn’t Arizona all desert and really hot in the summer?

Not exactly. Arizona is one of the most geographically diverse states in the country. Friendly Pines Camp is nestled in the pine trees of the Prescott National Forest. At an elevation of 6,300’ , the average high temperature is in the mid to high 80sºF and the average low is 60ºF. The air is very dry. We do get some rain though! In late July, the annual monsoon season arrives with the possibility of thunderstorms everyday!

How many campers and staff are at camp?

In a typical session, we have around 215 campers, about 50 counselors, and 40 support staff. Cabin sizes vary between 4 and 8 campers, depending their age.