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Friendly Pines Camp is a traditional, independent, residential summer camp for boys & girls ages 6-14. We have been family-owned and operated since 1941. The camp is accredited through the American Camp Association (ACA) and we are a member of the Western Association for Independent Camps (WAIC).

For 80 years, we've been providing unforgettable experiences for campers from not only all over Arizona, but all over the world.

We are located approx. 6 miles south of Prescott, Arizona in the beautiful Bradshaw Mountain range.

Yes! The camp is available for rentals hosted by CampWay. You can contact them with the info below:

(928) 442-7979


CampWay was started by two former FPC staff members Jonathan Pierson and Matt Gilmer. They operate all group rentals, cabins rentals through their own company.


Friendly Pines Camp remains to operate its summer camp business during the summer months, with CampWay operating group and facility rentals from early August - early May. 

Yes you can! You must book an individual camp tour ahead of time but you are definitely welcome to come see the grounds! We will also have an Open House event that you can attend. Your family is welcome to come to either or both!


Open House

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021


Click here to RSVP for our Annual Open House!


Camp Tours

Our camp tours typically last anywhere from 30-45 minutes.

The terrain is hilly and rocky, so please be sure to wear appropriate shoes and be prepared to walk for the entirety of the tour. A restroom is available for use, but we advise you use one before you arrive.

Due to the nature of the pandemic, as well as the isolated rental group occupying camp, we are limited to following protocols:

  • ALL guests must wear a face mask/covering at ALL times, even outside/more than 6 feet away from other people
  • All guests must be accompanied by at least one FPC Co-Director at all times; no wandering on their own
  • Tour slots are limited to one family/household per slot. Slots are available on a first come first serve basis
  • Tours must be scheduled with at least 24 hours notice. Spontaneous showings will unfortunately not be possible
  • Dogs are not allowed, even on a leash

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.

If you cannot find a time or day that fits your schedule, please feel free to give us a call at (928) 445-2128 or email


Click here to sign up for a camp tour!

Our days at camp are BUSY! But oh so much fun! 


7:00 AM

Rising Bell

7:30 AM

Flag Raising & Exercises on Ballfield

7:45 AM


8:25 AM

Cabin Cleanup

8:45 AM

First Activity Period Begins

9:35 AM

First Activity Period Ends 

9:45 AM

Second Activity Period Begins

10:35 AM

Second Activity Period Ends | Snack @ Post Office

10:45 AM

Third Activity Period Begins

11:35 AM

Third Activity Period Ends | Re-Group @ Benches

After Re-Group


11:45 AM

Clean-up Bell for Lunch 

12:00 PM


1:00 PM


2:10 PM

Siesta Ends | Snack @ Post Office

2:20 PM

Fourth Activity Period Begins

3:10 PM

Fourth Activity Period Ends

3:20 PM

Fifth Activity Period Begins

4:10 PM

Fifth Activity Period Ends | Re-Group @ Benches | Mail Distributed.

After Re-Group

Cabin Clean-up and Free-time

5:10 PM

Clean-up Bell for Dinner 

5:20 PM

Flag Lowering on Ballfield

5:30 PM


7:00 PM

Evening Activity 

8:15 PM

Retire to Cabins

9:00 PM

Lights Out / Duty Counselors Report to Cabins

11:00 PM

Non-Duty Counselors Report to Cabins for Bed

Friendly Pines Camp is nestled high in the Bradshaw Mountain Range in Prescott. We are situated at 6,300″ elevation, tucked between Spruce Mountain and Bean Peak in the Prescott National Forest.


The camp has dining, sleeping and activity areas available for over 300 people. Insulated redwood cabins with indoor bathrooms provide amply for sleeping space, in cabin groups of 4 to 8, depending on age. The buildings are rustic but well-constructed. Electric power and hot water are supplied. Cabin Villages are organized by age and separated by gender.


A sanitary, modern kitchen serves delicious meals family-style in the Dining Lodge. The Kiva is where arts, crafts, dance, and drama activities take place, and frequently is the site of evening activities. The Infirmary, where a camp nurse is always on duty, offers a bright and cheerful retreat if first aid or bed rest for minor indisposition is needed. Emergency paramedics are just a few blocks away at the Groom Creek Fire Station and the physicians and hospital of Prescott are only a fifteen minute drive away. The Log House provides for staff housing and meeting space. There are two tennis courts and a heated swimming pool. Groom Creek runs for a mile through our property ending in our lake. There are separate Western, English, and pony-cart riding arenas, and corrals for our 50+ head of horses. We have 3 secure ranges for our riflery, BB, and archery programs. Our own deep wells supply us with fresh, clean water.


We think our facilities are unmatched in the state. You’ll think so too, once you have come to see them for yourself. Visitors are welcome at any time year-round (with prior appointment). Come up for a picnic, or to play in the snow in the winter… we’ll be glad to show around!

We are blessed with perfect days throughout most of the year. Our summer highs are usually in the mid- to upper-80ºFs, and nights can be as cool as the low-60ºFs. There are an average of 277 days of sunshine a year in Prescott.  


Our cabins do not have air conditioning, but they are equipped with fans. Cabin windows also open and the screens provide a comforting air flow. 


We do get monsoons usually in the late summer; usually after the 4th of July through the end of September. As surprising as it might seem, rain jackets are a must-pack item for camp, regardless of what session you attend! 

All enrollments are done online! You will create an account and put your desired session(s) in your 'shopping cart', then you'll check out to complete enrollment.

The link above takes you to the online enrollment portal where you'll make an account AND log back in to fill paperwork out in the lead up to camp. Be sure to save that site to your bookmarks; you can also find the link at the top of every page of (just click the "ENROLL NOW" button, even for returning campers), as well as under the "Current Families" tab at the top of each webpage. 


The enrollment process is very straightforward and easy to complete. We do recommend you complete your camper's enrollment on a desktop computer browser, but the process can be done on a mobile device. We no longer do paper or mail in enrollments. If you have any trouble though, please don't hesitate to call or email us! 


FYI: A common problem parents run into is an error message saying that no sessions are available for their camper; 9 times out of 10, the camper's birthdate was incorrectly entered. Be sure to double check that!


If your enrollment was successful, you should receive a confirmation email stating so. Please email if you do not receive this confirmation email!

A deposit for each camper is due upon enrollment. Your remaining balance is due May 1st.


Most choose to pay by credit card online during the enrollment process, but you can also mail in a check. 

For total session tuition information, please visit our dates & rates page
Session Length
Deposit Amount per Camper
1-Week (June & July)$450.00
Adventure Week (late May)$325.00


For Family Camp sessions, a deposit of $275 per adult is due upon enrollment. Remaining balance due/cancellation date is July 1st.


You can cancel until May 1st without penalty, save a $100 administration fee. You can also switch sessions (dependent on availability) at no cost; just give us a call or email us if you need to change your session dates.

Final payments are due May 1st. This is also the cancellation deadline; after this date, we are unable to refund any payments.

FAMILY CAMP: Final payments due July 1st. Cancellation deadline is July 1st. Families may cancel until then and get all money back paid up to that point, less a $50 admin fee. After this date, refunds are not available.

Give us a call at (928) 445-2128!

We'll be happy to take your credit card number over the phone and/or update your payment info. 

All of our sessions are virtually the same; food and lodging is included, campers live in a cabin of similarly aged children, and they participate in a variety of different activities as well as the evening activities like the Round Dance, Talent Show, Campfire time, and Rendezvous.


All sessions, unless otherwise specified, are for boys & girls ages 5-15. 

Two-Week Sessions:

A 13-night program where boys and girls will participate in most of our 30+ activity offerings and travel from activity to activity as a cabin group. This is our most popular program, as the children get a real taste of the camp magic, and is a great option even for first-time campers!


One-Week Sessions:

A 6-night program similar to our two-week session, just in half the time. One-week campers do have some specific one-week activities (horses, target sports, ropes course), but also do get mixed in with the two-week campers for most other activities (hiking, water sports, arts & crafts, etc.). The names of the sessions (Pioneer vs. Explorer or Trailseeker A vs. Trailseeker B) are simply used to determine the specific session in question; there is no real difference between any of the different weeks. Popular with our first-time campers. Space is limited. All one week-campers live with other one-week campers (i.e. if friends want to be in the same cabin as one another, they must be enrolled in the same type of session). 


Mountaineer Week & Trailseeker C:

These new weeks for 2021 are exactly the same as all our other one-week sessions. Normally, we host a special health camp for children with diabetes and heart disease during these weeks. However, for 2021 both camps have decided to cancel due to COVID concerns for their immunocomprised population. So we've decided to fill these weeks with more regular FPC sessions. The price is cheaper for Trailseeker C as an incentive for our camp families to sign up for this new session, so sign up before April 15, 2021 to lock in the introductory rate! 


Adventure Camp:

For 2021, Adventure Camp's program will not look any different than our other one-week programs. The schedule campers have during Adventure Camp will likely be identical to the one they'd experience if they came to another one-week session later in the summer. 

A common question we get is "Why does this session cost less?". Adventure Week happens at what we consider an "awkward" time of year...not all of the Arizona schools (or schools in other states for that matter!) are out by the end of May. We lower the price compared to our other sessions in hopes of attracting more people to this somewhat less busy week. Same quality of program, same activities, just a less desirable time of year! 


Adventure Trails & Trailriders:

A 6-night program for boys and girls, ages 8-16, that focuses on horseback riding, horsemanship, and horse care. All skills taught are to prepare campers for a two-day, overnight horseback trip. Campers that love horses and want to ride all day, every day usually go for this session. Very limited enrollment

All of our programs are for boys & girls ages 6-14. (For 2021, we have extended the upper age limit to 15 years old to make up for the missed 2020 season). Our Adventure Trails & Trailriders sessions are for boys & girls ages 8-16. 

Some sessions will have waitlists. Particularly sessions that are in ‘desirable’ times during the summer, or offer a specific program (like Adventure Trails, our horse-specific session). 


To get on a given session's waitlist, you will actually enroll like normal! Head to or click the "Enroll Now" button at the top of every FPC webpage. You'll create an account or sign back in, and add the waitlisting session to your shopping cart. 


You can also enroll for a session that does have availability AND the session that you’re actually interested in but has a waitlist; if a spot opens, we will be able to manually switch your camper's registration. That way you can still get a spot somewhere during the summer.


The likelihood of getting into a session your camper is waitlisted for is extremely hard to call; there are so many factors that go into waitlist movement. It kind of depends on the year, the session, and how much before or after the cancellation deadline (May 1st) we’re at. We’ve had waitlists in the past that had 15 people who all eventually were able to get into the session, but conversely, we’ve had waitlists of one person that never had any movement. So determining how likely your camper is to get in to a specific session is really not always possible to determine. 


There is no penalty for waitlisting, nor is there any money that has to be put down to reserve a spot on the waitlist. If you’re at all interested in potentially getting into a specific session, it is in your best interest to at least get on the waitlist. We will contact families in order of a given waitlist first, should spots open up. After contacting you, you will have 24 hours to accept the open spot before we move to the next camper on the waitlist. Deposit payment will be due upon acceptance of opened spot; we can take your credit card payment over the phone. 


If you have questions about the waitlist or what position you’re currently in, please contact or call us at (928) 445-2128. 

Friendly Pines Camp is the only independent residential camp in the entire state of Arizona. While there are plenty of camps throughout the state, other residential programs are a part of a larger, sometimes national, organization; think Girl Scouts, YMCA, churches or dioceses, etc. Friendly Pines is completely self-sufficient and self-funded. We do not have national organizations that can fundraise and recruit for us, nor are we a non-profit and can accept large donations from families to build cabins and other building facilities. If something at camp breaks, FPC pays to have it fixed. If we need another cabin, FPC itself saves up money to build one. 


Running a summer camp is an expensive endeavor! Between food, maintenance, staff salaries, insurance, marketing, supplies, and MUCH more, we have to budget for every cent we earn.


If you think about it, is there a 'cheap' price for 24/7, high-quality childcare, hot meals 3x per day (plus two snacks), a huge variety of fun and unique activities (some of which include extra expenses, like renting horses, maintaining our ropes course, etc.), and an enriching experience in a safe, nurturing environment? We strive to provide the highest quality experience to our campers, so there's not really much room to cut corners and skimp on things! 

Sibling Discounts:
  • $190 for siblings in a two-week session
  • $100 for siblings in a one-week session
  • $75 for siblings in an Adventure Week session

Sibling discounts automatically applied to the second, third, fourth, etc. child enrolled. When siblings are enrolled in sessions of varying length, the discount is applied to the shorter stay.


Multi-Session Discounts:
  • $190 for every additional two-week session by one camper
  • $190 for adding Mountaineer Week (June 6-12, 2021) or Trailseeker C (July 25-31) to your two-week session enrollment (i.e. 3+ weeks total) by one camper
  • $100 for every additional one-week session by one camper
  • $75 for adding on an Adventure Week session
When campers are enrolled in sessions of varying length, the discount is applied to the shorter stay.


At this time, we don't offer a military discount. We may in the future, but for 2021, we are not able to. 

We are sometimes able to offer camperships. Typically, when we do award camperships, they cover a portion of tuition (as opposed to the entire tuition cost).


We aren't usually able to determine our ability to offer aid each year until after our May 1st cancellation deadline.


There is an application process for those seeking campership money. You are welcome to email at any time requesting the application packet. 

Unfortunately, we do not! All of our programs are residential in nature; campers will stay and sleep at camp for the entirety of their session duration. 

Every camp has its own method of making cabin assignments for the child’s living group, but in all cases it should be based upon our goal of each child functioning at his/her best level. Our method considers chronological age, as well as the grade in school.


Our typical consideration order for cabin assignments is as follows:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Grade

We are usually able to accommodate cabin requests.


We ask that you limit your camper's cabin mate requests to not more than two other campers. We must consider the experience of the campers in the cabin who are not part of this circle of friends. Should the request be greater than three total campers, we may call to discuss possible alternatives or our expectations for behavior and inclusion.


There rarely is, but if there is a problem with your request, we will be in touch to talk about it.


Be aware that the older camper is moved down to be in a cabin with the younger camper, not vice-versa. So for example, if you have two campers that are friends, where one is 13 years old and the other is 11 years old, the 13 year old would be moved down to a cabin full of 11 year olds. Sometimes the “being together” is less important to the older child than being placed with her/his own age/grade level might be!


There is a place to make a bunk mate request during the online enrollment process. Please send us a “reminder” email 3 or 4 days before your camper's arrival to This includes requests already made, as friends and interests can change!

In our experience, more than half of first-time campers come to camp without knowing another soul. These campers do just fine and make plenty of friends in their cabins and activities. In fact, we've even been told before that returning campers sometimes like the fact that they have two 'sets' of friends: one group for school/home and one for camp! 


We strongly feel that 'not knowing anyone' should not be a reason to refrain from sending your camper to camp! Kids are resilient, and they will adapt to the scariness of not knowing anyone quickly!

Our cabin sizes range anywhere from 4 to 7 campers in a cabin. Typically, our younger cabins (ages 5-7 or so) will be smaller in size than our oldest cabins. 

All cabins have at least one counselor that actually sleeps in the cabin each night. Some of our older cabins may have a second camp counselor as well. Our counselors are all at least 18 years old and have been out of high school for at least one year. 


Depending on the session, our youngest cabins may have a CILT or CIT in addition to the counselor; our CILTs & CITs are 15/16/17 year old former campers who have returned to be "counselors in training". 


All activities are led by 1-2 counselors, with an average activity class size of 10-15 campers.  

In 2021, our smallest sessions will be comprised of ~120 campers, while our largest sessions will have as many as 175 campers. (These totals include all one-weekers, two-weekers, and CILTs/CITS). 


We have capped our max capacity in 2021 to ease COVID concerns. 

All of our programs are for boys & girls ages 6-14. (For 2021, we have extended the upper age limit to 15 years old to make up for the missed 2020 season). Our Adventure Trails & Trailriders sessions are for boys & girls ages 8-16. 

Campers can really start at any age. We have as much success with campers that start age 5 as those that start at age 13!

Our typical first time camper though is around 8-10 years old.

Our average camper age forms sort of a bell curve, with most returning and first-time campers falling in the 8-12 year old range. We do still have several campers at either end of the age spectrum!

Sometimes parents are concerned that their 13 or 14 year old will be the oldest camper in camp/won't have other campers that are similar in age--this isn't the case! Depending on the session, we sometimes can have an entire cabin filled with 14 year olds! You are of course welcome to give us a call and check on the age distribution of your desired session if you're at all worried.

Our cabins are rustic, but comfortable. All of the cabins have electricity, hot water, and a full bathroom (toilet, sink, shower). Most have wooden floors and bunk beds, but size and layout varies.


We do not have air conditioning in the cabins, but all do have fans and screened windows.


An example cabin for boys, aged 10


An example cabin for girls, aged 13


An example cabin for girls, aged 7

If you’ve found your way to this page on our website, then you’re a parent who, at least, has a sense of the remarkable value of summer camp. Perhaps you went to camp as a kid, and want to insure that your children have an opportunity to experience the wonders of a week or two in the forest. Maybe you have friends who attend Friendly Pines, and you’ve heard their children’s stories. Or maybe you’re like so many other parents who have only a vague idea of what summer camp is all about. You think you’ve heard mention of Friendly Pines. Doesn’t the boy down the street wear a green t-shirt with a Friendly Pines logo? Where does that boy go every summer? What does he do?


No doubt about it. Friendly Pines Camp is a big adventure – for parents and child. And like most big adventures the rewards are just as big. Nestled high in the tall, cool pines of the Prescott National Forest, Friendly Pines is home to nearly 1,000 boys and girls each summer.


For each camper the experience is unique and profound. Unlike soccer teams, gymnastic classes, or swimming lessons, boys and girls learn how to navigate the world in this summer wonderland. They learn to make choices. They learn to compromise. They discover and develop their own character. They become more tolerant of differences in others. They become more comfortable with themselves. Confidence. Independence. Self-reliance. Of course, the campers don’t realize any of this is going on, because it’s all so much darn fun.


For eight decades, Friendly Pines Camp has dedicated itself to being your Partner in Parenting. Our philosophy emphasizes safety, caring, and growth. We know that a positive summer camp experience is one that will pay personal dividends in a camper’s life well beyond childhood, so Friendly Pines Camp works tirelessly to hire a staff that will not only keep your children safe, but also keep them on a positive course of fun and personal development.

We are a tech-free camp! Instead, campers are encouraged to spend time outdoors, interacting with their peers and counselors, and participating in the wide variety of fun and unique activities we offer! There simply isn't enough time in the day for anything that has a screen, as our days are positively jam packed with things that are way more fun than scrolling through phones or surfing the internet or playing video games. 


We do not allow campers to bring electronic devices of any sort. This includes, but is not limited to cell phones, computers, laptops, video game consoles, tablets, e-readers', etc. 

Unfortunately, calling your camper directly is not an option. You may, however, call the camp and speak with someone who can tell you how your camper is doing. Feel free to call us at (928) 445-2128.


Snail mail is by far the most popular method of corresponding with campers! Campers love getting letters during mailtime, which takes place at 5PM every day except Sunday.

You can send letters to your camper at the following address:

933 E. Friendly Pines Rd.
Prescott, AZ 86303

If you can remember, including their cabin name somewhere on the envelope will greatly help our Post Office staff sort mail!


You can also send emails to your camper! We will print them off, fold them in half, and file them in with the rest of the cabin’s mail.

You can send emails to:

**Don’t forget to include your camper’s first and last name, along with their cabin, in the subject line!**

With good reason, many parents like to check on their child(ren)’s adjustment to camp periodically in the early days of the session, and especially for first-time campers. For your information as well as our own, our cabin counselors provide us with info on each child’s previous day. Counselors submit reports the first three mornings of each session, and then roughly submit a report every other day.

As stated in various places, we remind you that you are ALWAYS welcome to speak with one of the directors on any issue regarding your child(ren). Should you ever wish to speak with your child(ren)’s counselor on any matter you need only to ask.


Please don’t feel obliged to call (most don’t!). Rest assured we’ll notify you should something significant arise. Specifically, we will call you should your camper need to spend the night in the Infirmary or should he/she need to see our doctor in town. 

We pride ourselves on our quality of staff that we hire each year. Our staff come from all over the state, country, and even the world. Many of our staff return year after year, and several are also former FPC campers. 


Our basic requirement for counselor applicants is that they are at least 18 years old and must have at least one year of college or post-high school experience (i.e., we do not accept applicants that graduate the same summer they work at FPC for the first time, except in very rare, special situations). Beyond that, we look for a combination of a desire to work with children, the ability to work well in close proximity with their peers, and personal activity experience. 


Applicants submit applications online, have 3 professional references checked, submit a one-way recorded interview, answer short answer questions, and are interviewed live before any offer is made. 


ALL staff, regardless of position, must pass a background check (which includes checking the National Sex Offender Register), as well as submit to and pass a drug test upon arrival at camp. We also conduct random drug tests throughout the summer. Our counselors, admin staff, kitchen staff, maintenance staff, and beyond are required to do these checks and tests EVERY summer. Even someone who's been on staff for 20+ years, or who doesn't ever really come into contact with campers...ALL STAFF are checked each and every year! 

We have a staff member whose sole job is to take pictures of the campers and put them online each day. She is usually able to do so by 5PM, 6 days a week. 


Our photographer does a good job at getting a good amount of shots of each camper. However, if you have any questions or concerns about the photos we post, you can call us at (928) 445-2128 or send an email to


You can click the camera icon at the top of each webpage to access our photo gallery. 

There are no visiting times while camp is in session. Because of COVID we are not planning to host the usual Open House at the end of each two-week session. It will become a simple pick up day for this summer. We will have more on the logistics in the near future. On departure days, we also ask that you leave your pets at home. Reminders of these dates and times will be included in a future mailing.


Remember: Friendly Pines Camp does not take responsibility for supervising other family members or your camper(s) once you’ve reunited with them.

Laundry service is available for two-week campers and beyond. There is no laundry service for one-week campers. Friendly Pines Camp will cover the first $10 of each camper’s laundry charge per session. Any charges in excess of $10 per session will be posted to camper’s store account. Laundry charges will be around $1.40 per pound. Experience has shown us that the average camper will have between 10 and 15 lbs. of laundry washed in a two-week session. Be sure to read our "All The Dirt" document for hints on how to prevent laundry loss and how to keep the laundry costs down. 


You, of course, are welcome to send enough laundry for the camper’s entire stay. The clothing list calculates about 9-days worth of laundry, so you can make the appropriate adjustments. You will indicate on the camper clothing list whether or not you wish to have your camper’s laundry sent out.

Our little”store” exists only for the campers’ needs (not for any camp profit!) and the counselors monitor all purchase requests. We carry a limited selection of necessities such as toiletries, stamps, writing materials, etc. We don’t sell food, gum, or soda.


Charges to the child’s store account are made for laundry charges (in excess of $10), any purchases, craft and sewing supplies, “pre-existing” medical prescriptions, etc.


After summer, when accounts for ALL SESSIONS are finally posted and figured, you’ll receive a statement for any store charges. After you have had a day or two to look it over, a charge will be made to the credit card we have on file.


FYI: We do have an online camp store where you can buy Friendly Pines Camp shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, backpacks, hats, and more. Click on the shopping cart icon at the top of each webpage on our website, or click here!

Family Camp consists of two sessions at the very end of camp where families can attend camp together, eat the camp food, and do the activities! We are often asked by parents, "Can I come to camp!!?", and these two sessions are our answer to that questions!


You can read more about Family Camp, including dates & rates, by visiting our Family Camp Info webpage.

Yes! We are able to accommodate a wide variety of dietary restrictions (e.g. lactose-free, dairy-free), food allergies (e.g. gluten allergy, soy allergy), and special diets (e.g. vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians, no red meat).


We are a nut-free camp, so peanut and other nut allergy campers are encouraged to attend! 

We have always been highly complimented on the quality of food that we serve at camp. Each day, our amazing kitchen staff churns out 3 hot, nutritious, and DELICIOUS meals for over 300 people.


Typical fare can include:

  • Breakfast: hotcakes, eggs & bacon, oatmeal
  • Lunch: Grilled cheese & soup, gyros, pizza
  • Dinner: Lasagna, tacos, "Thanksgiving Dinner"

We also provide two snacks per day, one in the morning in between activity periods, and one right after Siesta in the afternoon. Examples of snacks include:

  • AM Snack: trail mix, graham crackers, Goldfish
  • PM Snack: cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes

You can see an example of a sample menu by clicking here!

We have a no-outside-food policy at camp. Critters and forest animals are notorious for finding food if it's kept in the cabins. We also do not sell snacks in our camp store. 


Our 3 meals a day + 2 snacks always provide plenty of food for our campers and staff. It's hard to 'go hungry' at camp!

You will indicate any regular medication and dosage on your camper's Health History form. Upon arrival at camp, their meds will be collected and stored under lock and key in our Camp Medical Center (Infirmary). Our medical staff will administer meds according to the dosage and instructions indicated on their medical form. Medications will not be kept in the cabin/administered solely by the camper!

The Camper Physical Exam Form must be completed and signed by a certified medical professional. For the protection of all, and to meet our required health standards, we ask that the physical exam be completed in a timely manner. Do not delay in scheduling an appointment for this exam; campers must be seen (either in person or via telehealth) by a medical professional, and the medical personnel will need to physically fill out the form and sign it. When scheduling, you can say you need a "sports physical"; often times you can also go to walk-in medical clinics like Walgreens or CVS pharmacies to complete these forms. Please upload your completed physicals in your household account, or email PDFs or pictures of the exam to 


The Camper Health History Form is an online form that PARENTS fill out for their campers. You can access the form by logging in to your household account (the same place you enrolled your camper!). These forms are due by May 1st. 

We ask that all Physicals for each camper have been completed within the last calendar year, though our preference is that the exam is done as close to the start of camp as possible. However, sometimes insurance companies do not allow for more than one exam per child per year.

As long as the exam date was less than one calendar year before the end of your camper's session, you can submit the info from that physical to satisfy this paperwork requirement.

So for example, if you camper ends camp on July 3rd, 2021, but their last physical exam date was June 17th, 2020, you would need to get a NEW physical exam done.

Another example: if your camper ends camp on July 31st, 2021 and their last physical exam date was October 30th, 2020, then they would NOT need a new physical exam form done. 

Please upload your completed physicals in your household account, or email PDFs or pictures of the exam to 

You can send all medical records in an email to 

Camp is going to look a little different in 2021 in response to the COVID pandemic. 
Click here to learn how we’re mitigating risk and adapting our program and activities to make camp safe and fun for everyone.


From its earliest days, Friendly Pines Camp has been a fun place where boys and girls could learn. Friendly Pines, however, strives to be very unlike school. The classroom is our vast mountain forest, and the learning comes from doing. Much can be discovered about one’s own nature by gazing into a night sky of a billion stars.


A simple camp-out teaches the lessons of teamwork. Caring for animals or working on an art project develops patience. And sharing a space and time with friends, inspires a sense of community and compromise.


The Friendly Pines Camp program offers a non-competitive program of over 30 activities. After campers select eight hours of activities in which they wish to participate, a personalized schedule is created for each.


It is an integral part of the Friendly Pines’ philosophy to have the campers pick a limited number of activities they really want and allow them to participate in the same activities repeatedly, thus developing skills and confidence.  This approach is in opposition to a program that has campers try everything but maybe only once. We believe that campers will have the most fun and learn the most when they are doing what they want.


Many of our activities are offered on elementary, intermediate, and advanced level. This allows each camper to participate at a level best suited to his or her skill and experience. On arrival day, certain activities will hold placements. So if a camper has experience in a certain activity, they are encouraged to try out for a higher level!


Our qualified instructors utilize lesson plans that have been developed from over 80 years of experience. Staff are encouraged, however, to be innovative and to keep pace with new technologies and techniques.

The Friendly Pines program is also guided by standards of safety and content developed by the American Camp Association, the accrediting body of which Friendly Pines is proud to be a part.

Our extensive list of varying activities is as follows:

  • Archery
  • BB Guns
  • Basketball
  • Canoeing & Kayaking
  • Campcraft
  • Challenge
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Drawing and Painting
  • Earth Lore
  • English Riding
  • Fencing
  • Fun in the Forest
  • Free Swim
  • Guitar
  • Handcrafts
  • Hiking
  • Improv
  • Jr. Adventure
  • Jr. Facilitators
  • Land Sports
  • Pet Care
  • Photography and Journalism
  • Podcasting
  • Pony Carts
  • Ranch Hands
  • Riflery
  • Singing
  • Sewing
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Tomahawks
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Vaulting
  • Videography
  • Volleyball
  • Western Riding

One of the major changes in our program for 2021 will be the way we offer and structure a camper’s activities. For as long as any of our current staff has been associated with the camp, children have been able to select the activities they wished to participate in, and we would create an individualized schedule based on those preferences. This approach to programming is really our first choice, and it is the method we will return once this pandemic is finally over. The approach we are using this year (which will be explained below) is not a radical one. If you attended any kind of camp yourself as a child, you may recognize our 2021 scheduling method as the way things were done when you went to camp. We believe firmly that this approach to scheduling offers campers a fun and enriching experience. 

So let’s talk about how it works. 

For the purpose of this illustration, it will be important to mention that we have expanded the number of activity hours in a day from four to five (three before lunch and two in the afternoon). The periods will be ten minutes shorter, but this shouldn’t have a significant effect. The number of activity periods a camper will be offered is listed below:

  • Adventure Camp: 25 periods
  • Mountaineer Camp: 25 periods
  • Session One, Two, or Three: 58 periods
  • Pioneer, Explorer, and Trailseeker Weeks: 27 periods

Note: Because we won’t be able to have Special Days (camp wide theme days we held on Sunday afternoons) for the two-week campers , we will have three extra activity periods in their place on Sunday. 

So, what activities will campers get to do? We are refining the details of that right now, but let us share with you what we have so far. We have a set of activities for campers 6-9 year olds and another set for campers 10-15. Because we house chronologically, there will be cabins occupied by both 9 and 10 year olds. Those cabins will participate in the  10-15 year old activities.  Below is the basic list. There will be some variations and additions that we’ll explain in a moment.

10-15 Year Old Campers

Times per Week

6-9 Year Old Campers

Times per Week

Canoeing & Kayaking


Canoeing & Kayaking










Drawing and Painting


Drawing and Painting


Free Swim


Free Swim


















Western Riding 


Western Riding 




Jr. Archery




BB Guns




Pet Care




Pony Carts


Toby’s Hole


The lists above indicate the activities and the frequency of the activity in a week. You will note that campers will have some activities multiple times per week. They will participate in Challenge 3 times (or for 3 hours). Sewing will be 2 times so every camper can make a project. And everyone will go Western Riding twice.

Big Change for 2021: Our insurance company will no longer cover us for Waterski because of risk. We will not be offering it this summer, and possibly beyond. 

Campers staying for a two-week session will do each of the above activities for their age group twice as often.

If you’ve done the calculations, the selections above represent just 18-19 hours. Most campers will have at least 25 hours of activities in a week. Below are some of the activities that might fill in the blanks for one-week campers.

  • Basketball
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Earth Lore
  • English Riding
  • Improv
  • Ranch Hands
  • Tennis 
  • Vaulting
  • Fishing

The multi-week campers may have some of the above activities, but may also be offered

  • Videography
  • Podcasting
  • Choice (some opportunities for the cabin to make a choice of several options)

As you can see, each camper will have a full menu of activities that he or she will enjoy with the rest of the kids in the cabin. We hope this lends some clarity. For those long-time campers, we know it will be an adjustment, but are certain that the experience will be wonderful even though a little different.

Generally speaking, pick up and drop off times for all sessions starting June 12 and later are as follows:

Drop Off
  • You will be assigned a staggered drop off time between 1-3PM* on your camper’s arrival date

Pick Up
  • You may pick your camper up between 8:30-10:30AM** on their departure date. 

*For campers in “B” one-week sessions (Explorer B, Trailseeker B), your drop off time will be between 1-2PM. Your pick up time will be normal/as stated above. 

**For campers in “A” one-week sessions (Pioneer A, Explorer A, etc.), your pick up time will be between 1-2PM. Your drop off time will be normal/as stated above. 

Adventure Week (May 29-June 4)
  • Drop off: 10:30AM-11:45AM
  • Pick Up: 10:15AM-11:45AM

Due to COVID concerns in 2021, we will not be providing transportation to camp. Please make arrangements for your camper to be dropped off at camp. 

New for 2021: To ensure that the cabins remain infection free, parents will not be able to accompany their campers to the cabins. You will be able to talk to the counselor and meet some of the campers who have already arrived. If, after you check in, you and your camper want to spend some time together, there will be a spot where you can sit and talk and enjoy some refreshments. We know that this may be a little bit difficult (maybe more for Mom and Dad than campers), but it is probably best not to linger too long.

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