Friendly Pines Camp

Waitlist Info

Our 2021 camper sessions are completely full! However, all sessions have waitlists you can sign your camper up for.
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To sign up for a waitlisting session, you'll actually register as normal; use the "JOIN THE WAITLIST" button at the top of this page. Upon 'check out', you will select the waitlist option right in your shopping cart.


Registering for a waitlist is best if you do it yourself through our online portal, as opposed to you simply emailing or calling us asking to put your camper on a waitlist. However, if you run into any problems during the online sign up process, you can of course call us! 


You may sign up for as many or as few session waitlists as you like.

The likelihood of getting into a session you’re waitlisted for is hard to call; there are so many factors that go into waitlist movement. It kind of depends on the year, the session, and how much before or after the cancellation deadline (May 1st) we’re at. We’ve had waitlists in the past that had 15 people who all eventually were able to get into the session, but conversely, we’ve had waitlists of one person that never had any movement. So determining how likely your camper is to get in to a specific session is really not always possible to determine.

Friendly Pines will contact you if a spot opens up for your camper. 


We will first send an email to the address you used to register for the waitlist to notify you of the open spot. If you haven't received an email from us, then a spot has not yet opened and your camper is still on the waitlist. If we need to, we may call you to make sure you got our email. 


You will have 24 hours to accept the spot before we move on to the next camper on the list. Please reply to the email we send you to accept the spot. We prefer an email acceptance to a phone call, purely so we have the open slot acceptance in writing with an easily identifiable paper trail. 


Deposit payment will be due upon acceptance of a spot.

  • Before May 1st: Final payments will be due on May 1st 
  • After May 1st: Final payments will be due within 7 days of accepting the open slot

If you're interested to see what number your camper is on a given list, please email Be sure to include your camper's first & last name in the email request so we can look them up.


FPC will email campers on a given waitlist first, should spots open up. After we've exhausted our waitlist campers, we will open the available session to the general public for anyone to enroll.

There is no penalty for waitlisting, nor is there any money that has to be put down to reserve a spot on the waitlist. If you’re at all interested in potentially getting into a specific session, it is in your best interest to at least get on the waitlist.

We usually open enrollment for the following summer on September 15th each year. 


The earlier you enroll, the better! Some of our sessions will be full before the new year starts. For example: our Adventure Trails (all-horse activity) session was full before the end of September for Summer 2021, and as of May 1st, 2021 had a waitlist more than 50 campers long!