Friendly Pines Camp

Tuition Insurance

April 2021

Dear Camp Families, 

First of all, let us express our delight that you will be joining us for our 80th Season. We are working hard to make it the best ever.

We are strongly urging you to consider and purchase Tuition Insurance to protect your investment.

We are going to express this in pretty stark language. If after May 1, 2021 you cancel or decide your child can not attend, you will forfeit what you have paid for camp. Friendly Pines Camp will need to hold firm to this cancellation policy

In order to help protect your investment in your child’s summer camp experience, we are availing a way for families to purchase camp/travel protection. Friendly Pines Camp tuition becomes non-refundable after certain deadlines, but these protection plans provide a variety of levels of coverage should you need to cancel your enrollment for a reason covered by the plan purchased. Below are your options, though there may be other products on the market worth considering. In all cases, it is important to review all plans carefully as there are certain restrictions, exclusions and limitations that apply to all insurance coverages.

What does it cost?

Information on benefits, limits, per-person rates, and important disclaimers can be found at this link:

When is the deadline to enroll in the Tuition Insurance?

On both plans – Waiver of the Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion; The exclusion for Pre-Existing Condition will be waived provided: a) Your Payment or Deposit for this Certificate and enrollment form are received at or before the final Payment due date for Your Program/Trip 

On Student Deluxe CFAR Plan– a) Your Payment or Deposit for this plan is received with or before the final Payment for Your Program/Trip

How do I enroll in Tuition Insurance?

Find your camper(s)’s session in the tables below (Step 1). Then, decide which program you’d like to purchase using the links and enroll online. Once you’ve purchased, you will email a confirmation of your purchase to (Step 2)

Can Friendly Pines Camp answer our questions?

Short answer is NO. You should direct ALL questions directly to TravMark at 1 (877) 500-1556.


STEP 1: Enrolling

Review plan information for all terms, conditions and exclusions, and buy your coverage using the appropriate links below.

Two Week Sessions

Session Student Deluxe* Student Deluxe -
Cancel For Any Reason*
Two Weeks – Session One
Two Weeks – Session Two
Two Weeks – Session Three

One Week Sessions

Session Student Deluxe* Student Deluxe -
Cancel For Any Reason*
One Week - Adventure Camp
One Week - Adventure Trails
One Week – Mountaineer
One Week – Pioneer A
One Week – Pioneer B
One Week – Explorer A
One Week – Explorer B
One Week – Trailseeker A
One Week – Trailseeker B
One Week – Trailseeker C

STEP 2: Confirmation

Email your purchase confirmation to

*Student Deluxe Plan

This plan has benefits for covered trip cancellations and interruptions, medical expenses and evacuations.

Information on benefits, limits, per-person rates, and important disclaimers can be found at this link:


  • Cancel For Any Reason is optional and available for purchase at the individual level. CFAR coverage is up to 75% of the nonrefundable trip cost (subject to $10,000 maximum).  CFAR is available if purchased with or before your final payment for your trip. This benefit is not available to residents of New York State.
  • CFAR does not take effect until your entire non-refundable trip cost is paid to your travel supplier. If there are still deposits yet to be paid at the time you cancel your trip, CFAR will not apply.
  • If you purchase the plan but decline CFAR coverage at the time of plan purchase, you cannot add CFAR coverage at a later date – even if additional expenses are added to the trip/program..
  • Outside of CFAR terms, this plan does contain the following exclusion:
    • Benefits are not payable for any loss due to, arising or resulting from: a mental or nervous condition, unless hospitalized for that condition while the Plan is in effect for You.
  • If you are interested in a plan without this exclusion, please visit:

*Student Deluxe Plan Terms:

Trip Cancellation coverage is not valid if the program operator/travel supplier/camp does not operate for any reason.