Friendly Pines Camp

Special Activities

Sundays at Friendly Pines are very special days. Instead of going to activity periods, everyone participates in a camp-wide and exciting theme day! Some of our theme days include:

  • Goldrush Day
  • Blackbeard Day
  • Disney Day
  • The Grand Relay

After dinner each day, Friendly Pines Camp gathers for an evening activity. This activity is usually one that involves the entire camp, and is different on every night of the session. Many of these activities are long-standing Friendly Pines’ traditions. Some of our evening activities include:

  • Council Fire
  • Round Dance
  • Newspaper Fashion Show
  • Games on the Meadow
  • Cabin Choice
  • Oscar Night
  • Talent Show

Also, every cabin group goes on an overnight camp out at least once during the session. The groups camp right on the property. They will cook their dinner, play some games until nightfall, enjoy a campfire and s’mores, cook breakfast in the morning, and be back in camp in time for the next day’s activities. We provide large wall tents to sleep in; however, when the nights are warm and clear (which they are most of the time), campers love to sleep right under the stars.