Friendly Pines Camp

Activities for Summer 2021

Camp is going to look a little different in 2021 in response to the COVID pandemic. Campers who’ve been attending Friendly Pines for a long time will notice some major differences between what they’ve experienced before and this summer. However, we’ve spent a lot of time and thought about how to make Summer 2021 safe AND fun for all and feel as though our plans accomplish this! 
Read about what’s new for Summer 2021 and view EXAMPLE schedules for each session type below!  

What's new for Summer 2021?

• Cabin groups will stay together for activities (campers will not be choosing their own activities/schedules)

• FPC will set schedules for the campers, but we'll try to incorporate some cabin "choice" periods where the cabin decides on the activity

• Campers will experience almost ALL of our activities, instead of just 8!

• There will be FIVE activities each day, and total activity periods will vary anywhere from 25-28 activities per week (~58 activity periods for two-week campers)

No real difference between any of the session schedules (e.g. Adventure Week's schedule will look very similar to Trailseeker C's schedule)

• Because we won’t be able to have Special Days (camp wide theme days we held on Sunday afternoons) for the two-week campers , we will have three extra activity periods in their place on Sunday.

Big Change for 2021: Our insurance company will no longer cover us for Waterski because of risk. We will not be offering it this summer, and possibly beyond.

Example Schedules

*Please note that these schedules are purely for example purposes. While your camper’s schedule may look similar to this example, we do not guarantee that it will look exactly like this!*

Two Week Sessions

Session 1, Session 2, Session 3

One Week Sessions

Mountaineer, Pioneer A & B,
Explorer A & B, Trailseeker A, B, & C

Adventure Week

Adventure Camp

Horsemanship Sessions

Adventure Trails, Trailriders