Friendly Pines Camp

Challenge and Riding Programs

The Friendly Pines Camp Challenge Program can combine fun and adventure with unique learning opportunities for your school or organization. The Low Elements program on our challenge course is designed to focus on teamwork, group process, and problem solving. The High Elements introduce participants to concepts such as trust, appropriate goal setting, and making personal choices. All of these outcomes occur in a supportive, respectful, and safe environment.


3-Hour Sessions
48 participants per session maximum

The Low Elements Challenge Program consists of a progression of actives. The first 45-60 minutes will be spent playing large group games and activities for fun, exercise, and to introduce the core concepts of the session. The final two hours will be spent in smaller groups of 10-12 participants on the low elements of our challenge course. Low Elements are designed elicit group cooperation and problem solving. Topics covered during a low course session may include:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Group process
  • Problem solving
  • Decision-making
  • Conflict management

3-Hour Sessions

36 Participant per session maximum (any chaperones or instructors wishing to participate need to be included in the count)

A traditional session on our High Elements Challenge Course features 3 hours on a series of 3 elements. The elements range in height from 20-53 feet. In this exciting setting, we can work with your group to design a program specific to the group needs.

One of the central foundations of the challenge program is to empower participants with choice. Whether the goals are personal challenge, decision-making or something entirely different , the challenge course simply serves as ameans to that goal.

  • Zip-Line: The participant climbs a tree, belayed by a facilitator to a platform 20 high. The descent is accomplished by the participant being attached to the cable via a special pulley on which the participant ‘Zips’ across the camp’s Meadow at a distance of 100 yards.
  • Flying Squirrel: The participant is attached to a rope that runs through a pulley 35 feet in the air. The rest of the group then pulls the attached participant to a height of their choice and is gently returned to the ground. This is a great element for younger participants.
  • Pamper Pole: Our tallest element on the course and a favorite among our groups. A platform is attached to a grand pine tree 53 feet above the ground. While being belayed by a member of challenge staff and the rest of the group, the participant climbs the tree using a ladder and large steel “staples.” A small bell hangs 5 feet out from the platform creating an extra challenge for those who climb to the platform. As always, the choice of the participant is always honored.
  • Giant Swing: Built in the fall of 2007 this new element has gotten rave reviews by everyone who has given it a try. After participants are clipped to thick cables, the group pulls the participant back as far as he or she is comfortable. With the pull of a “ripcord,” the swinger is released from the pull rope and swings freely through the air. Once the participant comes to rest, a member of the challenge staff, with the aid of a ladder, will help the participant back to solid ground.
  • Tarzan and Tension Traverse: Two similar elements that require a participant to climb a pole to a foot cable approximately 20 feet above the ground. With the aid of hanging hand lines, the participant traverses across the foot cable and is gracefully lowered to the ground.
  • PITA Pass: This special element is designed for 2 participants simultaneously. Two trees support 4 beams set like ladder rungs 11 feet apart. The 2 participants assist each other in crossing the beams and climbing the trees to reach the top. Due to the unique nature of this element it is available by special request and is not part of the traditional high challenge program.
  • High Circuit: Another recent addition to the challenge course, the High Circuit is a series of 8 elements. Each element has its own personality with names like Burma Buckets, Flea Hop, and Sky Surfer. This element is only available to participants aged 12 and older. Due to the unique nature of this element it is available by special request and is not part of the traditional high challenge program.

Climbing Wall:
1-Hour Sessions
15 Participant Maximum


The Climbing Wall is a great choice for larger groups with limited time at camp. Climbing at Friendly Pines Camp focuses on goal setting, personal achievement, and creating a supportive group environment. The climbing wall is great for all ages and skill levels. Along with being fun, the climbing wall is an outstanding physical activity.

For questions and more specific information regarding the Challenge Course programs, call or email our Rental Director Michael Geyer.

Phone Numbers: (928) 445-2128 or toll free 1-888-281-2267

Jonathan Pierson – rentals@friendlypines.com

Riding Program:

90 minute sessions for a string of 12 riders
2 string minimum
$250 per string.
Friendly Pines offers a program trail rides to all of our rental groups. Under the careful supervision and experienced instruction of our riding staff, strings of riders are led on a beautiful trail ride through some of the  Prescott National Forest.
Though the trail rides are fun, safety is a paramount concern. Each rider is fitted with a helmet and boots. (All riders must wear long pants). Whether the riders are beginners or experienced, our staff will teach some of the basics in horsemanship. The group may participate in some arena work to insure safety and basic competency.
Riding groups go out in groups of not more than 12 at a time. Because saddling a string takes a long time, we require at least two strings go out, one after the other. Each session will take 90 minutes.
Witness nature from atop your trusty steed. You’ll have the best view in the horse, I mean, house.

60-90 minute classes of 10-15

Per person charges

Friendly Pines Camp has developed a number of hands-on, interactive classes that educate and enlighten students on the natural world. Our classes have been developed with the states educational standards. Below is a list of some of the names of the courses we offer. Contact our office for specific content. We are always happy to try to craft classes that meet your school’s specific needs/standards.