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If you’ve found your way to this page on our website, then you’re a parent who, at least, has a sense of the remarkable value of summer camp. Perhaps you went to camp as a kid, and want to insure that your children have an opportunity to experience the wonders of a week or two in the forest. Maybe you have friends who attend Friendly Pines, and you’ve heard their children’s stories. Or maybe you’re like so many other parents who have only a vague idea of what summer camp is all about. You think you’ve heard mention of Friendly Pines. Doesn’t the boy down the street wear a green t-shirt with a Friendly Pines logo? Where does that boy go every summer? What does he do?

No doubt about it. Friendly Pines Camp is a big adventure – for parents and child. And like most big adventures the rewards are just as big. Nestled high in the tall, cool pines of the Prescott National Forest, Friendly Pines is home to nearly 1,000 boys and girls each summer.

For each camper the experience is unique and profound. Unlike soccer teams, gymnastic classes, or swimming lessons, boys and girls learn how to navigate the world in this summer wonderland. They learn to make choices. They learn to compromise. They discover and develop their own character. They become more tolerant of differences in others. They become more comfortable with themselves. Confidence. Independence. Self-reliance. Of course, the campers don’t realize any of this is going on, because it’s all so much darn fun.

For seven decades, Friendly Pines Camp has dedicated itself to being your Partner in Parenting. Our philosophy emphasizes safety, caring, and growth. We know that a positive summer camp experience is one that will pay personal dividends in a camper’s life well beyond childhood, so Friendly Pines Camp works tirelessly to hire a staff that will not only keep your children safe, but also keep them on a positive course of fun and personal development.

In the pages that follow, you will find some of the essential forms (i.e. medical, clothing, etc.), answers to the most frequently asked questions, articles that will help both in your decision-making about camp and in your preparation for camp. We have a video designed for orienting first-time families.

We hope if you have any questions, you won’t hesitate to contact us at info@friendlypines.com or (928) 445-2128.

You can visit camp at any time during the year. Just contact us beforehand, and we’ll have a staff member standing by to show you the facility and to answer your questions. You can also schedule a tour online too!

Friendly Pines Camp – turning childhood moments into life’s rich memories.