Friendly Pines Camp

Additional Thoughts, Reminders, & Last Minute Musings for Staff


Please use the button above to double check we have the correct arrival date & time for you! If you do not see your name listed on this sheet, it very likely means that we have not yet received your travel form submission. Please do so ASAP

If you need to update your travel info, please do NOT submit another form. Send an email to info@friendlypines.com to request a change. 

If you can, give us a heads up when you’re 20-30 minutes away from arriving at camp: send a message to Megan on Slack and either she or another member of the admin team will meet you in the parking area (see map) and show you to your living quarters. 

If you’re arriving by air and catching the shuttle to Prescott, send Megan a message on Slack once you’ve gotten in the shuttle, and keep us updated on your ETA, especially if there seems to be a lot of traffic; the drivers are usually accurate guessing how much longer your trip will be. An FPC Staff member will meet you at the shuttle station in town and take you back to camp.


We will have you park on the Ballfield (labeled on the map) for R&R week, and then at the start of SDW, we’ll have everyone move their vehicles up to the parking area near the camp entrance

You may park near your cabin to unload, but please do not leave your car near the cabins; we need to keep the roads open for fire lane access. Be sure to return your car to the ballfield once you’ve loaded things into your cabin!

Cabin Assignments:

We will move cabins after Ropes & Riding week (5/13-5/17), then again after Staff Development Week (5/20-5/26). 

You’ll get your first camper cabin assignments at the end of SDW.

If you will be living in non-camper cabin staff housing (e.g., Kitchen Staff), you will move into your summer staff housing after SDW. 

Get Ready Guide:

Use the Get-Ready-Guide to prep for your summer! The suggested packing list can be found on page 13 of this guide.

Important Links

We use a service called Campsite to host a multitude of important links and info for our summer staff. The link above is where you can access things like the time-off request form, the cabin age group request form, camper evaluation form, and more. You won’t really need anything on the Campsite page until you’ve started, but we’re putting it here for people to get ahead and bookmark it!


During R&R week, phones & electronics can be kept and used in your cabin ONLY! Please do not use phones or electronics outside the cabin at anytime of day.

Starting at 9AM on Monday, May 20th, phones & electronics will be put into the lockers in the staff lounge, and will not enter the main camp area again at any point for the remainder of the summer. 

Please let your friends and families know that you can be reached between 9PM-11PM MST each night during SDW. If there’s an emergency, they can call the camp directly at (928) 445-2128. 

NETWORK: FriendlyPines-Summer
PASSWORD: &soitis!

Wifi is available from 8AM until 11PM each day. It automatically switches off at 11PM and then back on again in the morning.


Dinners during R&R week (May 13-May 17) will be provided by sign up ONLY! If you do not sign up by 3PM on the form each day you want to eat dinner at camp, you will not be included in the meal count. 


We have written a brief letter to your parents, family, and friends re: communication with you during your employment, as well as what we as your employers can and cannot share with them. Feel free to send them a link to read it! 

We hope that all your packing and other preparations are coming along well. Do call or email us with any questions!  With tons of good times planned, we are eager to welcome you for Summer 2024!

(928) 445-2128